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School Board 

The St. Albert School Board consists of sixteen (16) members.

  • The nine (9) voting members include three (3) executive members

    • Chair,

    • Vice Chair

    • Secretary

    • And six Standing Committee Officers.

  • The seven (7) non-voting members include:

    • Pastor

    • Principal

    • Assistant Principal

    • Immediate Board Past President

    • School Faculty Representative

    • Director of Preschool

    • PTO President.

Members must be in good standing with the parish and school and be at least twenty-one years of age. Members are selected through a blind draw in the spring and serve a three-year term.

The board exists to assist the school administration with the decision making process by offering support through short-term and long-term planning, research, evaluation, policy formation and policy implementation. Areas of involvement include budget, development, and technology. 


Our Mission Statement

The St Albert the Great School Board, is a consultative board, assisting the administration in achieving its mission and providing quality Catholic education to students of the school.

Please see our School Board Constitution.


School Board meetings are open to school parents and parish members. The board meets every other month from September through May. The meetings are generally held on the first Monday of the month in the Parish Life Center from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (dates falling on holidays are the following week).


The Executive Committee is made up of the following seven (7) individuals:

2023-24 School Year Meeting Dates

(6:30 pm to 8:30 pm) in the Parish Life Center, Rooms 1-2

  • Dates to be determined in near future

2023-24 School Year Committees & Meeting Schedules

The school board has six standing committees chaired by a standing committee officer. Anyone can be a member of a standing committee. The committees meet on a regular schedule determined by the chair and the need to meet. The committees and respective chairs are:



The planning committee develops 1-year, 3-year and 5-year goals that increase our “greatness.” The committee incorporates research and ideas from the other standing committees to develop strategic plans utilizing creative solutions. The committee collaborates closely with parish ministries and school organizations to synchronize those plans and communicate them to the parish and school community. This is a great committee if you love the St. Albert Catholic Community!


The policy committee evaluates existing policies in the areas of Community Relations, Administration, Personnel, Students & Instruction and Business & Non-Instructional Operations. It also formulates any policy additions or changes needing to be addressed immediately. This is a great committee if you like rules or have experience in human resources, public relations, real estate, education, finance and law.


The budget committee gathers and understands the status of school funding from tuition, subsidies and fundraising to assist the principal in advocating on behalf of the school to the Parish Finance Council. It also reviews financial reports to ensure that proper financial management policies and procedures are in place regarding income and expenses. This is a great committee if you live on a budget or have experience in accounting and finance.

Development, PR & Marketing

The development, PR and marketing committee develops marketing strategy and assists with marketing activities. It cultivates relationships with school parents, parish members and alumni in terms of creating goodwill. This is a great committee if you are creative, enjoy event planning or social media. Experience in public relations, marketing, communications and development is also helpful.


The technology committee drafts a school technology plan, including budget, by assessing existing technology, prioritizing a wish list and gathering cost estimates on securing wish list items. It also evaluates how technology is being used effectively elsewhere. The committee works closely with school and parish technology personnel. This is a great committee if you have experience with information technology and computer programming or you just can’t live without the latest tech gadget.


The data committee collects data on enrollment, testing, state of the school, alumni and current school families. It assists the other standing committees needing survey information and data to develop their goals, in particular the planning and development committees. This is a great committee if you love to organize or have experience in market research and data analysis.

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