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Come for the School, Stay for the community!

Come for the School, Stay for the community!

Preschool, elementary, and middle school years lay the foundation for future success. Selecting the right school is important. St. Albert the Great has everything today’s youth need along their educational journey to prepare them for high school and beyond. We are a growing and vibrant Catholic School that reflects a family-like culture where everyone plays a vital role and has a sense of belonging.

Why St. Alberts

Academic Excellence

  • 2X National Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence Recipient (2004 & 2015)

  • Challenging and leading edge curricula, including blended learning STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) projects, and innovative teaching strategies that meet the needs of all students at various levels.

  • Our average K-8 class size is 23.

  • 114 Duke Scholars in 4th-7th grades

  • Around 40% of our graduating students test out of Spanish 1 and enter high school in Spanish 2 or 3.

  • Algebra I curriculum in 8th grade. Around 30% of our students test out of Algebra 1 their freshman year in high school.

  • Annually meet the benchmark number to be able to qualify to apply for a Blue Ribbon again. (Although we can only apply every 5 years.)

  • Leading technological advances and resources available for preschool-8th grade including 3D printers, iMacs, graphic design software and camera, video, and robotic equipment.

  • Dedicated science lab furnished with modern equipment and supplies. Students participate in engaging, real-life experiments and projects to further enhance their educational experience.

Strong Spiritual Foundation

  • Unique balance of academics, faith, and values.

  • Students participate in service work in and outside of the classroom.

  • Daily religious and moral formation through prayer, religion class, sacramental preparation, and weekly Mass participation.

  • Values are reinforced in every class, promoting healthy self-esteem, confidence, compassion, and respect for others during the child’s most formidable years. 

Safe & Supportive Environment

  • Strong partnership between Administration, faculty, parents and students who work together to help students succeed & thrive at their level.

  • Caring and committed school & parish community culture where families feel welcomed and valued.

  • There are endless opportunities for parents and grandparents to be present in and outside of the classroom through volunteering, special events, and social activities. 

  • Secure campus grounds with mandatory visitor passes, locked doors, security cameras, and regular lock down drills

  • Volunteers are required to complete the Honor Thy Children/Safe Environment class and pass a background check.

  • Dedicated full time Resource Teacher and additional Reading Specialist

  • Two full time School Counselors

  • Safety policies in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students.


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Ready to Register Your Child?

May 28, 2024 update: Play Cafe, the St. Albert After School Care  Program, is currently filled to capacity for Grades JK - 5.  All requests for registrations to Play Cafe for JK - 5 will be placed on a waiting list.

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